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I just wanted to let you all know that I am now working on a new website!

I will no longer be posting at this site. Please click over and see my new site for more great recipes, and homesteading fun!

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My Blog

This is my blog about my backyard experiences. I have been keeping a spiral bound notebook and recording what happens outside with the animals, and gardening.

Pictures and Notes from 2013

First Picture:

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 10.42.05 AM

A… is a cilantro plant.

B… is a a zinnia flower.

C… is a spider in it’s web.

D… is some basil that I harvested.

E… is some kind of bug, but am not sure what. All I know is it is a destructive bug.

F… is a big bug with a bee.

G… is another bug.

H… are some basil flowers.

I… is a cocoon of some kind.

J… is a camomile flower.

K… is some calendula plants.

L… is a calendula flower opening.

M… is a plant that I did not plant I think it was a tomato, but they did not get very big cause something ate them.

Second Picture:

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 7.25.00 AM

A… is the top of a corn plant.

B… is a radish seedling.

C… is a bunch of radishes; purple plum, saxa II, white hailstone, and pink beauty.

D… is an ear of corn forming on the plant.

E… is a group of three chioggia beets.

F… is corn silks.

G… is a tatume squash ready to pick.

H… is a tatume squash that I left on the vine and saved the seeds from.

I… is a bean seedling.

J… is a corn seedling.

K… fresh picked vegetables.

L… corn.

M… Chioggia beets sliced up.

Third Picture:

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 7.19.10 AM

A… a Golden Zucchini squash plant.

B… squash seedlings. 

C… a Golden zucchini squash.

D… chioggia beets.

E… some kind of bee on a wild flower.

F… tatume and golden zucchini squash.

G… Tatume squash.

H… squash flower.

I… a bee on a sunflower.

J… garden bed with 3 tatume plants. Also there are some carrots, a bean plant, and a tomato plant that are in there and kinda got crowded out. 🙂

K… is a young squash plant.

L… a squash seedling. 

M… a mature tatume squash that I saved the seeds from. 

Fourth Picture:

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 10.21.12 AM

A…is a nasturtium plant with a yellow flower.

B…is a lady bug

C… is a nasturtium plant full of orange flowers.

D… is a nasturtium plant with a red flower. 

E… is a yellow calendula.

F… is some parsley

G… is a lady bug with red spots on black instead of the other way around.

H… is a zinnia.

I… is a velvet ant that I found on a sunflower in my herb garden.

J… is another nasturtium.

K… is two very little basil plants

L… is a camomile bloom ready to pick.

M… is two poppy buds about to bloom.

N… is a pretty yellow butterfly on a sunflower.

O… is a lady bug in a dill plant.

P… is a cute wild flower that my sister and I planted.

Q… is a lady bug that is sitting on top of his newly sheded skin.

R… is a newly opened poppy.

S… is a close up of a bee on a sunflower.

T… is a pic of a little bird that lays eggs in a nest on our back porch. 

U… is a sunflower that is dying, but producing seeds.

V… is a newly opened sunflower.